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The common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum is a model chelicerate arthropod for studying developmental biology, comparative embryology and evo-devo. This database aims to promote academic research involving this spider species. Recently, the P. tepidariorum genome assembly has been updated (Ptep 3.0),which is available from NCBI. In response to this update, this database is being updated.


1. Search Genes/Transcripts >>Genome browser(Ptep3.0)
2. BLAST search Genome & Transcripts
3. Single Cell/Nucleus RNA Sequencing Data
>>>[single-cell late stage 5] [single-nuc late stage 5]
4. Library of data tables from open access articles
>>>[DEGs of hedgehog/patched/msx1 pRNAi] [DEGs of fuchi nashi pRNAi]
5. Evolutionary charcterization of Ptep genes by reciprocal blasting against selected ncbi datasets

Ptep1.0 & Ptep2.0

1. Retrieve sequences
2. Search transcripts >>Genome browser(Ptep1.0 & Ptep2.0)/Gene expression
3. Text search BLASTX results >>Genome browser(Ptep1.0 & Ptep2.0)/Gene expression
4. BLAST search
5. Search gene expression profiles >> Genome browser(Ptep1.0 & Ptep2.0)
6. Search BRH's ESTs
7. Search BRH's NGS reads and assemblies
8. Methods & Protocols
9. Library of data tables from open access articles

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