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Gene/Transcript Records
NCBI geneID (-> UMAP)Ptep1.0/2.0 (-> genome browser)Scaffold AN (-> genome browser)StartEnd+/-Productaug3ID in Ptep2geneID in Ptep2E-value(for checking the relationship)
LOC107442927 Ptep1.0/2.0 NW_024971052.1 33401 43140 + uncharacterized LOC107442927 LOC107442927 0
1 records were found.(Max.=1000)

Yasuko Akiyama-Oda, Takanori Akaiwa, and Hiroki Oda. (2022) Reconstruction of the Global Polarity of an Early Spider Embryo by Single-Cell and Single-Nucleus Transcriptome Analysis(Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 10:933220)

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